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eBeam Interactive Suite Downloads

If you're looking for the software, the last available files are here,


eBeam Edge Plus Wireless


Please note that as of Friday June 17, 2022 Luidia, manufacturer of eBeam products, informed us that they were shutting down their operation immediately.

Since June of 2020 the production of all things eBeam halted due to the pandemic and factory shut downs.  Production never resumed likely due to the worldwide supply issues along with the international chip shortage.

The eBeam corporate website has not been operational since late 2021, so this news is not earth shattering, disappointing yes as it was a great product line.

If you've been to the eBeamRocks.com site before this one will be different.  As we have virtually no products to sell this will be a supporting site primarily.  We will be uploading the available software files that we have along with any video tutorials that we've already produced.

eBeamRocks and our parent company, Interior Dimension have been supporters of the eBeam products since 2009. We are happy to answer questions that you may have but our time will be limited, no additional support is coming from Luidia so from here on, we are all on our own, please be patient with us.  

We have been a dealer/distributor for the products not the manufacturer so we can't provide warranty services or replacements.

Thank you for your understanding, if we can help we will.