eBeam Smartmarker

Create a collaboration space with your regular and glass whiteboard by effortlessly converting your board into an interactive or digital white board.

You're in a meeting and you realize that stuMan at whiteboard writing a lot of notesff on your whiteboard is really good so you grab your phone a snap a picture. Now what do you with it? If you use the eBeam Smartmarker you could see all of the great content show up instantly with the Smartmarker App. How cool would that be.

Dry erase markers have been around for decades and help people everyday in all kinds of business to develop, refine and express ideas. These ideas are too often kept captive on the board whether it's a white board or glass board, it's stuck. Pictures help preserve what's been written but that's about all.

Easily use your existing whiteboard to create an interactive whiteboard.

With the ultimate portability of the Smartmarker it's extremely easy to setup and start collaborating and sharing your ideas. The device will stick to a magnet type board easily or if needed you can use one of the supplied mounting brackets.

You can connect to your favorite device to see everything you write or the pages will be stored in the internal memory of the device until you download it, how's that for convenience.

Speaking of devices. You can find the app for almost every device on the market including:
  • Windows
  • MAC
  • Android
  • IOS - iPhone and iPad

So you don't have to worry about what you carry with you.

Keep your cost in check with this affordable solution

The price of the Smartmarker devices is extremely reasonable when you begin to factor in the time and speed that you can move ideas and information. No more transcribing or re-drawing of boards by multiple people. Features like editing and hand writing recognition allow you to change notes after the fact. Duplicating, copy, pasting, adding pictures and shapes are just a few of the other tools waiting for you to use. All of these being designed as intuitive and easy to grasp.

With Smartmarker any hard surface can be made interactive

Do you need to run impromptu meetings in odd places? With the Smartmarker devices you can turn almost any hard surface into an interactive board. Create a collaboration space on:
  • Laminate counter or desk top (yes you can use a dry erase marker on your laminate countertop)
  • Glass wall - use a regular window or glass door as a glass board
  • Flip Chart - substitute a dry erase marker with a regular marker and all of your flip chart stuff is now captured
  • Laminate table top - yeh, the same as your counter top only with a much bigger space

You see the potential for uses is almost unlimited. Of course, we suggest that you try a small area first before drawing big time.

The Smartmarker is available in 3 different flavors as you can see below.
  1. Smartmarker Basic gets started with the sensor unit and a single marker pen sleeve. A black marker is provided but you can use any color you want. The drawing will show up as black on your device.
  2. Smartmarker Complete ups the ante with the Marker Pack which includes 4 colored marker sleeves (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) so you can create the colored version you desire and have it show up on your device.
  3. Smartpen 2 is for those that choose to write on paper, this is your device. With all the same features as its big brother but in a compact design.
Check them out and let us know how we can help you decide. Here's to you taking a huge step forward with your interactive and collaboration meetings.