What Is eBeam?

What Is eBeam?

eBeam is a portable and flexible solution that lets you create an interactive environment in virtually any setting in your classroom or office.

eBeam is a combination of Hardware and Software that connects to your computer.  

It allows you to project your desktop, with a projector, monitor, TV, etc. and then interact with your computer via the stylus.  It essentially turns any surface that you can project or show your desk top onto into a touch monitor using the Pen Stylus.  

With the receiver's capacity you can pick up an area that is up to 5' high x 9' wide - one of the biggest in the industry.

For some history as to how this came about, check out the history below this cool video.

eBeam Edge comes in two different flavors:

eBeam Edge USB - this version must be connected to your computer to work

eBeam Edge Wireless - this version connects to your computer through the Wireless USB Dongle (supplied)

The Edge Battery Pack for the Wireless version eliminates all wires and powers the Edge Receiver for 8 to 12 hours of use.


Here is a picture of the eBeam set up in a conference room

From Frustration to Inspiration

The idea for eBeam came to Ludia CEO Rafi Holtzman while collaborating with coworkers half a world away. During international projects, he found himself faxing drawings back and forth with remote participants while attempting to explain edits on the phone. Frustrated with the inability to communicate ideas with far away collaborators, Rafi was determined to design a solution. He formed a team of designers and engineers and thus began the development of eBeam technology.


First came eBeam Whiteboard

The first breakthrough came when the team figured out a way to record whiteboard marker strokes onto a computer. The result, eBeam Whiteboard, consists of a marker sleeve and receiver. Each time a user touches the tip of the marker to the board, a sleeve around it tells the computer where it is by sending a signal to the receiver. The software instantly translates that information into a pixel perfect replica of the physical strokes. eBeam Whiteboard users could now share their whiteboard notes with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. This discovery was a turning point in reaching Rafi's envisioned solution.

Then came eBeam Projection

The idea evolved with eBeam Projection. Building on the technology, the team worked to develop a truly interactive environment. Adding a projector and using a pen stylus instead of a marker, they designed a system that could not only replicate the whiteboard experience with digital ink, but could also transform the entire projection into an interactive surface, similar to a giant tablet computer or touch screen monitor. Now a user could interact at the board with anything they could project - their desktop, a web browser, presentations, documents, multimedia, all digital elements. By delving into the interactive environment, users engage in a unique exploration of the digital world.

So what is eBeam?

eBeam is a hardware device that connects to your computer either through a USB cable or by a Wireless connection - which then allows you to show and control your computer to any audience be it a meeting, planning session, on-line meeting, classroom, courtroom anywhere sharing information on your computer is important.

eBeam is a software program. Scrapbook is an electronic whiteboard that allows you to create unlimited number of "whiteboard" screens within each file that contain: drawings, text, JPG's, symbols, video, etc.  Check out more HERE.  
The Capture program allows you to "capture" EVERYTHING you write on a whiteboard surface onto you computer where you can then manipulate it, change it, save it and send it.  The eBeam Connect program is an on-line sharing and collaboration tool that lets team members and students collaborate securely.